We are dedicated to making your experience one that you can remember.


Lisa Wolfe

"The Starter"

Lisa is one of the owners of Rocking Chair Quilts. She is considered "The Starter" because she loves to start new and exciting quilts and ends up starting way more than she finishes.




Debbie Frazier

"The Needler"

Debbie is the other owner of Rocking Chair Quilts. She enjoys handwork of all types... embroidery, blanket stitching and even whip stitching the bindings. Seldom seen without a hand work project, she is "The Needler".




Sue Clark

"The Queen"

Sue works in the store as a sales clerk; cutting fabric, working up displays, making kits, and helping customers. But we know her to be "The Queen"... of wool that is. She hooks and appliques with wool and is our resident expert.




Sue Newkirk

"The Pinch Hitter"

Sue works in the store as a sales clerk when we need an extra helper. Sue is "The Pinch Hitter" because she comes in off the bench when we need an extra quilter on deck.




Christy Lockard

"The Informer"

Christy is our go to person with questions about computers or social media. She is the reason our newsletter reaches our customers, so she is our "Informer".