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Rocking Chair Quilts
21 North Main Street
Butler, Mo. 64730

Ph: 660-200-2226











"Visit Often and Stay Awhile"

Rocking Chair Quilts is designed to be a fun place to hang out with a homey atmosphere and great customer service. It is located on the square in Butler, Missouri in a building that used to house the old Levy's apparel store. The building was built in the early 1900's and still has the charm of the pressed tin ceiling.

Lisa and Vernie Wolfe, the owners, both grew up in Adrian, Missouri. They have lived in Ohio for the past few years and are excited to be moving back to their home state. They understand the small town atmosphere and are enjoying meeting the people in Butler. Lisa has been quilting for many years and is excited to be making her dream a reality, sharing her joy of quilting with others by opening a quilt shop.

Rocking Chair Quilts sells fabric and quilt supplies as well as books on quilting and quilting kits. Lisa is also teach quilting classes. Some of these classes concentrate on learning a new technique and others concentrate on making a finished quilted project. Lisa has taught quilting classes before and has many years of teaching experience. Lisa also owns a quilting machine which allows her to provide custom quilting for customers.

Rocking Chair Quilts offers a unique atmosphere, the quilter's version of a neighborhood coffee shop where they can sit and chat while they work on their individual projects. There is cozy lighting in the shop and comfortable chairs in the sitting area, and we strive to provide our customers individual attention and help in pattern and fabric selection.

Our August contest asked people to take 3 words and without changing the orders of the letters, change one letter of each word to form three new words related to each other. The winner was Marylyn Engelbert. She was chosen randomly from the correct entries and received a $25 gift certificate! Congratulations, Marylyn! The correct answers are below:

1. blanked, coves, guilt become bed toppers - Answer: blanket, cover, quilt

2. sofa, curry, sulky become pet coats - Answer: soft, furry, silky

3. jotted, soled, cheeked become fabric patterns - Answer: dotted, solid, checked

4. strong, twice, word become spooled goods - Answer: string, twine, cord

5. paste, mind, pack become needle moves - Answer: baste, bind, tack

6. black, pince, squire become quilt terms - Answer: block, piece, square

7. drain, leave, patters become fabric qualities - Answer: grain, weave, pattern

8. set, bend, snitch become tailor's tasks - Answer: sew, mend, stitch OR let, mend, stitch

9. rim, bear, stash become fabric disasters - Answer: rip, tear, slash

10. dress, icon, flatter become smooth moves - Answer: press, iron, flatten

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